Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade) for £87.10 with cashback

Orange are offering a really nice large screen android phone for a great price, so I picked one up for my dad and flashed a custom rom onto it. They have dubbed the device the San Francisco, but it is otherwise known as a ZTE blade (specs on wikipedia)

How to get it for £87.10

  • +£12 Go through a cashback website like quidco and click through to the orangeshop
  • Once at the website goto orangeshop student select PAYG and enter your NUS code or just enter 000000000000000 they don’t verify it!!! for a 10% discount (this was a tip off from someone at droidcon, but I didn’t manage to catch name please let me know if it was you and you can have the credit)
  • £99 + £10 Topup Select San Fransisco in Gray or San Fransisco in White
  • -£9.90 Your 10% discount will now be applied ^_^ Choose which tariff you want, I chose dolphin as you get free internet and 300 texts when you topup £10
  • Total £87.10, win!

It’s a good phone and it’s very easy to flash a custom rom onto if you don’t like the orange one. I got the rom and followed the guide at modaco.


  1. superMeat

    Hi! how much better than a pulse is this?

    Thanks I love the site.

  2. mat

    The pulse was terrible. Whereas this phone is responsive, runs 2.1 by default, has a 3.2 megapixel camera, etc.

  3. Falken

    You mentioned choosing the Monkey plan because it has free internet and 300 texts but the Orange website says Monkey is just music and texts. Whereas the Dolphin plan is the one with free internet and 300 texts. Or am I getting confused. Which one gives free internet?

  4. mat

    @Falken, Sorry I got confused with my animals I have updated it to say dolphin.

  5. superMeat

    Hi Stealthcopter, thanks for the answer. What is the benefit of flashing the device with a custom Rom?

  6. macgreg

    Good phone at a good price:D

    Unfortunately in Poland at the moment it is not even on internet auctions, i must admit that i not even heard about him:D

    Ps.On Ebay.UK duds sell it for 120 -140£ still not bad:D

  7. mat

    @superMeat Custom roms are usually better supported and updated much faster than the service providers can achieve. Also gets rid of the stuff that the service provider put onto the phone, all their branding etc.

    @macgreg Yeah great price/performance.

  8. Gregory

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