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Portal Soundboard for Android released

by mat on June 15th, 2010

Follow the success of my other soundboards (Unreal Tournament SoundBoard and Counter-Strike Soundboard ); I have released a Portal soundboard for Android:

Portal SoundBoard can be downloaded from the market on your android phone either by searching or following the android link below. Alternativly you can download the apk file from this website using the download link

Android: Portal Soundboard market link
Download: Portal Soundboard download link



  • GLaDOS sounds (Loads of)
  • Extra sounds from the overly friendly turret
  • Still alive song, and the cake reciepe
  • Save sounds as ringtones and notifications
  • Optional Adverts (Menu > toggle ads to hide)


Portal Soundboard Screenshot 1

Portal Soundboard Screenshot 1

Portal Soundboard Screenshot 2

Portal Soundboard Screenshot 2

If you enjoyed this please leave feedback for me either here or on the market. Comments, suggestions and constructive criticism is also welcome.

  1. Trying to listen to Still Alive but it got interrupted twice, once because of timeout lock, another because Nexus One rotated from portrait to landscape. Weren’t there more cake quotes? More cowbell, err, I mean companion cube!

  2. @Brian D. Carlstrom Yes I added some code so that the sound stops when the application is paused, I will have a look at this later and release an update.

  3. Garrett permalink

    I have issues installing this on my evo, and the APK file posted isn’t there anymore…
    any reccomendations?

  4. BoBoZoBo permalink

    Killer App. Love how you worked the sounds into the shell. Thanks for brining it to us in time for Portal 2.

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