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This page was created for feedback from users of wordcube available via the wordcube website or as an app for android phones (available in market). Filling in these polls and leaving feedback will help improve wordcube for everyone.

How often do you play wordcube?

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How hard do you think the targets are to achieve?

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How do you play wordcube?

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Do you play

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Would you like more wordcube polls

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Thanks for your feedback. Please post any bugs, suggestions, complaints or ideas below.


  1. Tim

    Curiously…curious isn’t allowed when curiously is….surely this is the dictionary of the devil…!

  2. am


    Arab was not acceptable but maria/rabbi was?

  3. Lorraine

    Just discovered this site 🙂 Love it! My favorite solitary game.

    re: 2015/05/13

    words not accepted – lunk, unlit, clit, rucking 🙁

  4. Ann On

    lots of legitimate words do not get accepted eg fascia.. You need to improve your dictionary

  5. Lorraine

    re: 2015/05/22
    How could labor not be accepted??????

  6. Anne

    “Oven” but not “ovens”?

  7. Anne

    “Emerges” but not “emerge”?

  8. Anne

    “Bandwagon” but not “wagon”?

  9. Anne

    “Pram” but not “prams”?

  10. Bob

    2016/02/03 WordCube Puzzle:
    You allow “unsmiling” as a 9-letter word, but don’t allow “smiling”?
    Not very happy today, are we?

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