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Android: Unreal Tournament SoundBoard

by mat on January 27th, 2010

Following the popularity of my counter-strike 1.6 soundboard and requests for the “HEADSHOT” noise for it, I have created an Unreal Tournament soundboard (from which the headshot sound originates).

Features all of the following sounds:

  • dominating
  • double kill
  • first blood
  • god like
  • headshot
  • holy shit
  • killing spree
  • ludicrous kill
  • mega kill
  • monster kill
  • multi kill
  • play
  • rampage
  • ultra kill
  • unstoppable
  • wicked sick

The following are screenshots from the application:

unreal tournament soundboard

unreal tournament soundboard

Unreal tournament soundboard

Unreal Tournament Soundboard 2

Unreal Tournament SoundBoard can be downloaded from the market on your android phone either by searching or following the android link below. Alternativly you can download the apk file from this website using the download link

Android: UTsoundboard
Download: UTsoundboard download

If you enjoyed this please leave feedback for me either here or on the market. Comments, suggestions and constructive criticism is also welcome.


  1. James permalink

    Er…I don’t know if it’s me or not but, I can’t download this.
    I clicked on the “Download” link and it says on my browser “Connecting…” for a long time, when something eventually comes, it’s a error page.

    Can you help me out?

  2. Sorry I had a type in the link, it should now be updated and working again :)

  3. Mike permalink

    Hey loved you soundboard and was inspired to create my own, the only thing i am struggling with is how to save the sounds as ring / notification tones on longpress would love if you could explain that bit to me

  4. This is great. One thing it’s missing though that I’d really like to see, is the “TEAMKILLER!” clip.

  5. UTKP permalink

    Hey dude, I love this soundboard a lot, but the download but won’t work, it just comes up with a white page and says error. Can you fix it?

  6. @UTKP Should be fixed now!

  7. Kim permalink

    Thanks for all the nice blogs :) Your About-box is really cool looking. Will you reveal how it is done?

  8. @Kim Thanks, I just use AlertDialog.Builder it’s very simple.

  9. ROW permalink

    Just downloaded it but… no “Holy Shit”! That was the main reason I downloaded the board…

  10. @ROW It is… Menu > UT 2003/2004 > holyshit

  11. ROW permalink

    Ah, there it is, thanks. Yeah it was on the default UT99/Goty board which didn’t have it. I didn’t realize you had all the games :)

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